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Soil Nail Wall Design and Construction Management

Client: Confidential

TGI provided geotechnical engineering and civil engineering design and construction observation for a 100 foot long soil nail wall to stabilize an eroding bluff below two homes in Oceanside, California.  


The project was initially part of a comprehensive improvement plan prepared by TGI for one of the homes.  Long-term bluff retreat was encroaching on existing improvements at an adjacent older home and the plans were expanded to also stabilize that portion of the bluff.  


The nominal height of the soil nail structure is 16 feet to reinforce the near-vertical upper portion of the bluff face.  The lower portion of the slope, which is composed of talus over formational deposits, is flatter and located on a seperate parcel did not require stabilization.  


TGI utilized geotechnical data derived from our investigation for the new home in the wall design.  TGI prepared detailed plans for the wall, assisted with permitting and provided construction observation and testing during construction.  Testing included load testing and proof testing of the soil nails to confirm the design resistance values.

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