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Geotechnical Engineering

TGI provides comprehensive geotechnical investigation, analysis and design services for virtually every type of construction project - ranging from custom homes to large commercial construction and infrastructure projects including roads, bridges, pipelines, power plants, tunnels and port facilities.  We gear the scope of our geotechnical services to cost-effectively address the data and analysis needed to meet the design objectives of each project based on its type, size, location, complexity and regulatory requirements.

Geotechnical services have been the cornerstone of TGI’s professional practice from our beginning.  Our experienced staff know the importance of keeping our clients informed and keeping their projects on schedule and within budget.  We utilize both conventional investigative techniques and the most recent geophysical and in situ testing methodologies to characterize site and subsurface conditions. We have analytical tools to perform both routine geotechnical analyses, such as settlement and slope stability, to more complex analyses such as seismic response and soil-structure interaction. And we are committed to ensuring that each report we produce clearly and concisely provides our clients with the accurate information and comprehensive recommendations they need.


TGI's geotechnical services include:


  • Site & Subsurface Investigations

  • Geotechnical Laboratory Testing

  • Geologic Hazard Assessment

  • Foundation Engineering and Recommendations

  • Pavement Design

  • Slope Stability Analysis

  • Landslide Evaluation & Mitigation

  • Seismic & Earthquake Engineering Analysis

  • Construction Observation & Testing

  • Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring

  • Forensic Investigations and Expert Witness Services


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