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Crystal Cove Development Peer Review, Newport Coast, CA
Client:  Irvine Community Development Company


TGI was retained by Irvine Community Development Company (ICDC) to serve as a third party reviewer and consultant to address specific geotechnical engineering issues associated with design and construction of grading for the Crystal Cove development in the Newport Coast area. 


The development consists of 620 acres of land located adjacent to Crystal Cove State Beach in Newport Beach, California.  Grading for the project involves the construction of engineered fills up to 200 feet deep.  Among other geotechnical issues, the presence of relatively extensive deposits of low-density diatomaceous soils and the limited amount of information concerning the engineering behavior of these materials in deep fills, as anticipated for the proposed grading scheme, posed significant challenges to the project. 


ICDC retained TGI to review the available site data and analysis performed by others and to provide an independent assessment of the distribution of the diatomaceous deposits at the site and an independent evaluation of the likely magnitude and rate of settlements/volume changes of the fill and native deposits resulting from mass grading for the proposed development.  TGI’s evaluation and analysis addressed the applicability and adequacy of the existing database and analysis, the magnitude and rate of settlement that may be expected and conceptual measures to mitigate possible long-term settlements.


 The recommendations that resulted from TGI’s review and consultation with the client and geotechnical design consultant lead to a reassessment of the proposed timeline and phasing of grading and construction of improvements timeline for developing the site to reduce the risk of and potential magnitude of settlement in deep fill areas of the development.

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