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A little about us....


Taylor Group, Inc. (TGI) was founded by Larry Taylor, RCE, GE in 1999. Mr. Taylor drew on his broad experience as a project manager and principal with some of the largest and most highly regarded consulting firms in the United States to envision TGI as a multi-disciplinary, customer-centered consulting firm.  This is the foundation upon which TGI has operated for the past 14 years.


TGI is based in Oceanside, California.  The geographic focus of our service offerings is Southern California in general and San Diego County in particular, although we have worked throughout California and elsewhere in the US.  


TGI is committed to delivering comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions. This commitment starts with our team of professionals. Our specialists are experienced in all aspects of geotechnical engineering, geology, civil engineering, environmental site assessment and remediation - providing us with the capabilities to offer our clients total solutions from one engineering resource.


We believe that our commitment to finding the right solutions for our clients and our ability to integrate the services they require are key reasons why A/E design firms, government authorities and agencies, attorneys, insurance companies, financial institutions, developers and contractors depend on TGI to provide some or all of our core services for their most critical projects.

Our Goal


Our overall goal is the same for every project we perform -- to achieve our client’s objectives and exceed their expectations. We do this by maintaining a commitment to performance thorough investigation and competent technical analysis; developing innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions; delivering high quality work products; maintaining effective and timely communication; and completing assignments on time and on budget. Our principals are personally involved in the technical performance and management of every project, so our clients always receive the personal attention of our most experienced and qualified professionals.

Our Mission and Values


Taylor Group is committed to.....


  • Satisfying the unique needs and requirements of our clients;

  • Providing clients with cost effective services and solutions;

  • Excellence in our services and instruments of service;

  • Maintaining technical and ethical standards of our profession, and;

  • The professional development and welfare of our staff.

What "Cost Effective" Means


Cost effective consulting services add value and cost savings to projects, as opposed to services that might have the lowest initial cost. For example, more often than not a "low bid" foundation design study or environmental assessment leads to very conservative recommendations because not enough work is performed to adequately evaluate site conditions and design consideration. A cost-effective study will generally include a more thorough site characterization so that design issues can be evaluated with less conservatism. This leads to better solutions, lower overall project costs, a lower likelihood of change orders and claims, and less long-term liability for the owner, developer and designer.


While not all projects require an extensive study to optimize recommendations for design or mitigation, most projects will benefit from this approach. We evaluate the unique requirements of each project and recommend a scope of services that is geared towards performing the optimum amount of investigation and analysis to provide cost effective results. In order to accomplish this, we often recommend a phased approach to projects, with the need for and scope of later phases dependent upon the results provided by preceding phases.

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