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Civil Engineering

TGI's civil engineering services are typically provided in conjunction with TGI's geotechnical and environmental site assessment services, providing our clients with the option of obtaining comprehensive solutions from one consultant rather than two or three different consultants. This means seamless engineering design, less coordination, faster project delivery and lower cost.

TGI provides comprehensive civil engineering services during the planning/entitlement, design/permitting and construction phases of a range of land development projects. Our civil engineering services are primarily focused on commercial and residential infill and redevelopment projects and larger custom homes.


Our civil engineering related services include:


  • Land surveying

  • Map preparation (Tentative and Fnal Maps/ Parcel Maps)

  • Condominium Plans

  • Sewer and water capacity studies

  • Hydrology and hydraulic studies

  • Grading Plans

  • Erosion Control Plans and SWPPPs

  • Storm Water Mitigation Plans/Water Quality Protection Plans

  • Improvement plans for underground utilities and streets

  • Engineering cost estimates

  • Retaining wall design/plans for cantilevered, tie-back walls, soil nail walls and MSE walls

  • Shoring plans


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