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Buena Vista Force Main Construction, Oceanside, CA

Client: Infrastructure Engineering Corporation

TGI served as a subconsultant to the City of Oceanside’s construction manager, Infrastructure Engineering Corp. to provide construction-phase geotechnical services for the Buena Vista Force Main replacement project. 


The project consisted of construction of approximately 9,000 linear feet of 24-inch diameter sewer force main including:


  • 1,200 linear feet inside a 42” diameter tunnel installed by micro-tunneling under Highway 78 and part of the El Camino North shopping center;

  • 800 linear feet inside a 42" steel sleeve installed by bore & jack methods under a reinforced concrete box storm drain structure and the NCTD Escondido Branch railroad track in El Camino Real, and;

  • 7,000 linear feet constructed by cut-and-cover in the rights-of-way of El Camino Real and Via Esmarca.   


Key geotechnical considerations for the project included potential ground loss for the tunneled and jacked sections beneath the highway and rail lines, groundwater and dewatering at launching and receiving pits, and protection of existing underground utilities (which included a large high pressure gas line and fuel line).  In addition, due to the high volume of traffic in El Camino Real, work in the roadway was performed at night (9 pm to 5 am) to minimize traffic impacts.


TGI’s construction-phase services included:


  • Geotechnical observation and testing for excavation, fill placement, compaction and repaving of the open cut portion of the construction;

  • Observation, monitoring and logging of tunnel muck at the tunneled and jacked segments to confirm assumed subsurface conditions, and;

  • Evaluation and consultation associated with geotechnically-related issues and challenges that arose during construction.


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